Bridging Generations

Our Mission at ClarksvilleAlphas.org

Our mission at ClarksvilleAlphas.org is to bridge the gap between the many generations of brothers from our esteemed Theta Pi, Tau Phi, and Kappa Zeta Lambda chapters. We cherish the bond of brotherhood fostered at Austin Peay State University, within the vibrant community of Clarksville, and among the esteemed brothers who, though having crossed at other institutions, have found camaraderie and purpose in our local chapters, especially those serving at nearby Fort Campbell. Our bond transcends geographical and institutional boundaries, uniting us in a common quest for excellence and service.

As accomplished individuals in various fields, our collective ambition is to embody the principles of leadership, scholarship, and service inherent to Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

We are committed to supporting both our fraternity and our alma mater, while also extending our influence as role models within the Clarksville community and beyond. Through this platform, we aspire to celebrate our shared heritage, engage in meaningful dialogue, and foster enduring connections among brothers. Our array of events, notably the Austin Peay Homecoming, serves as a cornerstone for rekindling camaraderie, honoring our legacy, and propelling the values of Alpha Phi Alpha into the future.

We invite all brothers, near and far, to join us in nurturing a community that transcends generations, upholds the lofty ideals of our fraternity, and contributes positively to the broader society. Welcome to ClarksvilleAlphas.org, a hub of brotherhood, heritage, and a testament to the indelible mark of Alpha excellence.

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The Pillars of Alpha Brotherhood in Clarksville

Founded: January 6, 1973
Founded: May 11, 1973
July 21, 2008